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Tightening Power Supply Screws on Sequoia Backplane Assembly

As hospital budgets tighten and we are all asked to do more with less, here is one quick tip we can all do possibly eliminate intermittent lock-ups or diagnostic failures on your aging Acuson Sequoia systems. Over the year and miles of travel, the screws on the rear of the motherboard (backplane assembly) that attach the power supply cables begin to loosen and back out. The easy five-minute fix is to remove the cover and tighten down all of the screws. We also recommend you check the lugs from the MDI power supply to the backplane. Attached is a picture of the Sequoia motherboard for your reference.

*If your machine is below 7.2 software and has phase 1 hardware, removing the backplane cover may cause security fault requiring a password to reset.

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