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Buyer's Guide to Purchasing Ultrasound Equipment

Today, there are more manufacturers than ever, not to mention countless options of how and where to buy ultrasound equipment. Trisonics is taking some of the guess work out of the process with helpful tips and advice to consider the next time you are in the market for a new system.

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There are many factors to consider when shopping for a new ultrasound system. Be sure to discuss these and any other questions with your Trisonics representative!


What To Discuss When Buying a System:

- Do you have a particular manufacturer/Make/Model you prefer?

- What type of studies are you doing or any specific applications/options needed?  Are you familiar with all the options and configurations?

- What is your budget range?

Trisonics Tip — There is a Total Cost of Ownership when it comes to ultrasound equipment. Investigate how much service will cost after warranty as well as how much to replace probes or parts etc. Just because the system seems like a “steal “ in the beginning could mean higher upkeep cost on the back end!

- What transducers will you need with your system?

- What kind of warranty will you need after the sale? Who will be doing the service — The company you purchase from or subcontracted out?

Trisonics Tip — Not all warranties are created equal. Make sure to read the fine print to look for any hidden costs and to see what all is being covered.

- Will you need applications training with the system?

- Are you interested in refurbished or demo equipment?

Trisonics Tip — A good company with a strong certified refurbishment process can provide like new quality equipment at a significant discount!


Who to Purchase From:

With the rise of internet commerce, there are more options than ever when it comes to buying an ultrasound system. Unfortunately, not all sellers are created equal. There is an old adage to keep in mind when choosing who to purchase medical equipment from: “ You get what you pay for.” It is important for you to have a solid understanding of who you are working with and the difference between the options available to you.

OEM — Original Equipment Manufacturer — Utilizing the OEM is going directly to the source and purchasing from the company that manufactured the equipment. Typically involves a higher price point.

Brokers — Individuals or companies that are considered “middlemen” working between customers and companies that stock equipment. Occasionally there is limited product knowledge and no access to service.

Resellers/Distributors — Companies that refurbish or recondition used medical equipment for resale. Some companies work directly with the OEM to distribute or sell a certain product line. You may find some of these companies can sell but offer no service support after the sale.

eBay/Auction sites — Any company or individual can utilize this resource to post and sell equipment. It is highly unregulated and questionable as to the quality and validity of products available.












Important Tips to Consider When Choosing an Ultrasound Company:

A Reputable Company — Be sure to check that your company has a proven track record with years of experience and support. Ask for references and be sure to check them out!

Experienced Staff — Ask to speak with a consultant who can help you through the sales process and direct you to the best choice for your facility. It is vital that you work with someone who listens to what you NEED as opposed to selling you what they HAVE.

Quality Management System — Check to see if the company in question has a certified Quality Management System in place. This can help ensure that any product you purchase has been through a rigorous Quality Assurance protocol giving you better piece of mind.

Support During and After The Sale — It is important to make sure that you work with a trained and knowledgeable ultrasound expert who will not only provide outstanding customer service during the sales process, but will then support you during the warranty period and beyond.

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