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Engineer Training Program

Engineer Training Program


Trisonics Engineer Training Program (ETP) was developed to help aspiring engineers gain the required skill set and confidence in servicing ultrasound equipment.  The program typically last 6 monthsto 1 year depending on the level of experience the trainee has prior to coming to Trisonics.  The ETP pairs the engineer in training with a variety of Senior Territory Managers throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic to ensure they get maximum exposure to a vast array of systems and servicing experiences.  As a company, we want to support people with continuing their career path and the ETP has created an excellent resource for aspiring biomedical engineers to break into the industry.

Nathan Marcy, an ETP Graduate (now a successful Territory Manager with Trisonics), shared some helpful hints he learned during the program that he still utilizes today, he states:

“When in the ETP program, always try new areas with different engineers. The more you can move around, the more you will learn and develop.  Each Territory Manager has different ways of organization, what works for one, may not work for others.  You have to develop what works best for you and also how customers are in a particular territory.”

During the program, trainees learn to perform preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, as well as organizational and administrative skills.  They also learn how to service medical ultrasound and repair multiple manufacturers’ systems. Over the months while in the ETP,  the trainees gain the valuable interpersonal skills required to uphold Trisonics excellent customer service policy.

Engineer Nathan shared an essential part of the training.

"Learning the names of all the different boards in the equipment as well as the proper terminology used for each manufacturer is a critical aspect of the training. The program highlighted this very well; it is a skill I use every day.  Another highlight of my training was learning how to adapt to changes that occur in territories; the program helped me navigate these hurdles effectively."

Nathan continued by giving some advice for those going through the ETP:

“Enjoy the high points of business as well as the slower times. As long as you are taking care of the customers, they will remember you when equipment is nonfunctioning, and inevitably your business will expand.  Don't take it to heart and use the downtime to create new relationships with new customers for future business."

Since the start of the Engineer Training Program,  our engineers have multiplied, and in turn, our company has grown tremendously.  We are happy to say that we have placed all graduates in their region based on geography preference and business needs.  The in-depth curriculum has helped multiple engineers gain extensive knowledge of ultrasound service and the confidence to manage their territory.    The success of this program has far exceeded our expectations, and we are thrilled to be an essential part of helping people reach their personal career goals.   

 If you or somebody you know may benefit from the Trisonics Engineer Training Program, feel free to reach out to Kathy Gontz ( for more information.









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