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Tips From Trisonics: Transducer Disinfectant


At Trisonics we are consistently asked about transducer cleaner and disinfectant recommendations. There are things to consider when it comes to transducer cleaning agents. Most importantly, is a particular cleaner or disinfectant an approved agent from the manufacture of the ultrasound system or transducer? Using a non-approved agent can cause damage to a transducer or the system. Other things to consider have to do with ventilation and soak times.


Always follow the instruction on the agents' packaging for cleaning or disinfection purposes. You may want to check with your hospital infection control personnel if you have further questions about cleaning, disinfecting times, etc.


Feel free to contact us if we can help you with questions in regards to transducer care, however we will not be able to recommend a specific product for your facility.


Here are links to a number of ultrasound manufactures for their transducer cleaner and disinfectants approval guides.


GE Ultrasound:

This is a very nice selector, easy to use.


Philips Ultrasound:

Click on the link, this is the international version of the website, and then expand the button that says "Choosing Disinfectants..."



Toshiba Ultrasound:

Link to PDF's


Siemens Ultrasound:

Link to PDF's



Link to their support document page, find information here.


Zonare & Mindray:

Link to web page that has links to PDF



Hobie Sears
Senior Territory Manager




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