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Tech Tips For Logiq E9 & Vivid E9

Everyone knows it is important to keep the filters clean on your ultrasound system. This keeps the system running cool which prevents expensive repairs and costly down time. 

System filters are not perfect though many system require additional cleaning past the filter. A good example of this is on the GE Logiq E9 and Vivid E9. The bottom filter during pm can be full of dust. The problem is a large amount of dust can get past the filter and clog the fan assembly right above the filter. A classic symptom of this is overheating errors even after cleaning the bottom filter.


To get to the fan tray assembly remove the right side cover by releasing 2 small tabs on the bottom of the cover with a small flat head screw driver. Next make sure the system breaker is turned off and remove the front end card cage cover. With the cover removed the fan tray will slide out the bottom. Flip it over and clean the screens right under the fans. Trisonics recommends doing this during every pm. While you have the card cage open you can blow out any dust on the circuit boards as well.


Taking a little extra time to make sure everything is truly clean you can save your facility time and money. For any of your ultrasound needs remember to call Trisonics at 1-877-876-6427